Working with the Command Bar and Menu

If you've arrived directly from Internet Explorer 6, you might wonder where the menu bar went. Beginning with version 7, Internet Explorer has packed most of its command vocabulary into a set of icons called the Command bar. In its initial configuration, the Command bar resides at the right edge of the window, like this:

- Windows Internet Explorer



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Command bar

Command bar

The old-style menu bar is not displayed by default. If you want it back, click the arrow next to Tools on the Command bar, choose Toolbars from the drop-down menu, and then select Menu Bar from the fly-out menu:

If you spend a few minutes exploring the Command bar's drop-down offerings and those of the traditional menu bar, you'll find that the two interfaces are nearly, but not quite, redundant. You'll search in vain on the Command bar for the handy Duplicate Tab or New

Session commands, for example. If you need items from the menu bar only now and then, you can simply press the Alt key; that displays the menu bar temporarily (until you choose a command). But if you're more comfortable picking commands from a horizontally arrayed set of menus, and you don't mind sacrificing a smidgen of screen space, just restore the menu bar

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