Windows Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium includes all the common Windows 7 features as well as those listed in Table A-3 .

Table A-3 Features Available Only in Windows 7 Home Premium or Higher Editions



Core Windows Features

Aero graphics and user

Full support for Aero features, including themes, glass,


taskbar previews, Aero Peek, Flip 3D, Aero Shake, and

desktop slide shows .

Personalization features

Control Panel for changing desktop backgrounds,

window colors, and sound schemes; also allows saving

settings as a theme or theme pack



Fast User Switching

Log on to multiple user accounts simultaneously.

Multimonitor support

With properly configured hardware, extend the main

display to include a second (or third, fourth, and so on)


Windows Mobility Center

Central location for managing power, display, network,

and other settings on a notebook PC.

Windows SideShow

Support for auxiliary display devices .

Touchscreen/Tablet PC

With appropriate hardware and drivers, adds support


for touch, multitouch, and pen input

Included Applications

Snipping Tool

Capture all or part of a screen and save to the

Clipboard or as a file.

Sticky Notes

Save free-form notes .

Premium games

Chess Titans, Hearts, Internet Backgammon, Internet

Checkers, Internet Spades, and Mahjong Titans .

Tablet PC utilities

Windows Journal, and Math Input Panel.

Digital Media

Windows Media Center

Simplified media playback interface optimized for use

with a remote control; includes support for up to four

TV tuners of each type .

Remote Media Streaming

Allows streaming of music, videos, and recorded TV

from your home computer to a remote computer or

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-compatible


MPEG-2 decoding

Enables DVD playback with Dolby Digital audio in

Windows Media Player and Media Center

Windows DVD Maker

Create and edit video DVDs


Create and manage a

Set up a homegroup for sharing resources among


Windows 7 machines; view and change the homegroup


Internet Information Services

Lightweight web and FTP server (disabled by default)

Internet Connection Sharing

Provide internet access to other computers on a local

area network

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