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You can't hear any sound from your speakers

Modern PCs often have multiple playback channels, in both digital and analog formats . Audio playback hardware might be available on your motherboard, on an add-in video card, or on an add-in sound card . It's not unusual to find all three options in a single PC, especially one that has been upgraded extensively. If your hardware and drivers appear to be installed correctly but you're unable to hear any sound, right-click the speaker icon in the notification area at the right side of the taskbar and choose Playback Devices from the shortcut menu. This opens the Sound dialog box from Control Panel with the Playback tab selected . Look for a green check mark next to the device currently designated as the default playback device . If you have speakers connected to an analog output jack but a digital output is selected as the default playback device, click the Speakers/Headphones option (the exact wording varies depending on how the driver developer chose to implement it) and then click Set Default.

For details on how to configure hardware and install drivers to unlock the functionality of those devices, see Chapter 24, "Setting Up and Configuring Hardware"

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