Watching and Managing Recorded TV

To watch programs you've previously recorded, go to the Start page and choose Recorded TV from the TV strip (or use the shortcut button on the remote control). Every recorded item in the list has a name and a thumbnail image (the thumbnail is generated using an algorithm that is uncanny in its ability to find an image that fits, usually a face). Figure 14-8 shows a large collection of all current recordings in List format. Click More Info and choose View Large from the shortcut menu to see much larger thumbnails for each program in a list that scrolls horizontally.

¡ed title

+ add recording = view scheduled i original air date > shared

date recorded


| Late Show With D (S/7/09)


My Name Is Earl (5/7/09) '-1'


1 ft i <] r f-lTf *

30 Rock (5/7/09)


Late Show With D (5/6/09)


, I-* **

The Office (5/7/09)


Scrubs (5/6/09) 6 ^



1 Grey's Anatomy (5/7/09)

*, ' ¡a.

Late Show With [ (5/5/09)



Parks and Recreai (5/7/09)


Scrubs (5/5/09)


Tracy and Liz convince Jack to start the search for his real father; Pete and Liz question the

Thu, May 07, 2009 32 min E2 52 1173

Figure 14-8 This list view of all recorded programs is more efficient than the default Large view—but it's somewhat harder to read.

Select any program from the list and press OK to see the Details window for that program . Options in the Actions pane allow you to change when the program is automatically deleted or burn it to a CD or DVD for archival purposes (if the program isn't copy protected, of course)

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