Viewing the Desktop and Gadgets

Sometimes you need to get to the bottom of things, whether it's to use a desktop icon, view a desktop gadget, or simply enjoy your gorgeous desktop background. Windows 7 has some ways to simplify these tasks

If you're using Aero, you can view the desktop with an overlay of outlines representing all open windows, as shown in Figure 4-11; simply point to the Show Desktop tool, the empty space at the right end of the taskbar. (If your taskbar is on the left or right side of the screen, Show Desktop is at the bottom .) When you move the mouse pointer away, the previous window arrangement returns . You can get the same effect by pressing Windows logo key+Spacebar.

Figure 4-11 View the desktop, including gadgets, without a single mouse click.

For a more lasting effect, click Show Desktop, and all windows are hidden . (This works with or without Aero enabled.) To restore the previous arrangement, click Show Desktop again . If you prefer to use the keyboard, Windows logo key+D toggles between these two views .

You can bring your gadgets to the fore without minimizing or hiding your open windows; simply press Windows logo key+G. For more information about desktop gadgets, see "Using and Customizing Desktop Gadgets" on page 146 .

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