Viewing Event Details

When viewing events in a selected log or custom view, at the bottom of the details pane you'll see information about the currently selected event. Except on a monitor with very high resolution, this preview of the full details for a particular event doesn't impart much more information than the columnar display at the top of the details pane. (If you find the lower part of the details pane to be useless, you can banish it and use the window's full height for the events list. To do so, open the View menu and click Preview Pane.)

To learn more about an event than Event Viewer's details pane tells you, select the event you're interested in and click Event Properties in the action pane. Figure 23-11 shows the Event Properties dialog box for an event in the Application log.

Figure 23-11 The properties dialog box for an event provides a textual description and data that are not shown in the main Event Viewer window.

The summary information in the bottom half of the Event Properties dialog box is identical to the information that appears in Event Viewer's columnar details pane—except that it includes additional event properties that aren't shown by default in list view. But the most useful features are at the top and bottom of the Event Properties dialog box.

At the top is a plain-language description of what has occurred. Near the bottom of the Event Properties dialog box is a Copy button . Clicking here sends the entire contents of the Event Properties dialog box to the Clipboard, allowing you, for example, to paste the information into an e-mail message and send it to a support technician . The copied information includes a plain-text rendition similar to the on-screen display, as well as the underlying data in XML format.

Also, near the bottom of the Event Properties dialog box is a link to more information online. Clicking this link opens a webpage that provides more specific and detailed information about this particular combination of event source and event ID, including further action you might want to take in response to the event.

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