Using Windows Live Web Services

To take advantage of the Windows Live web services, visit and sign in with your Windows Live ID. (Alternatively, click the Windows Live button at the left edge of the Windows Live toolbar.) With Windows Live on the web you can do the following (among other things):

• Upload and share photo albums .

• Access your Windows Live Mail calendar from any computer, share your calendar with family members or colleagues, and subscribe to public calendars stored in the .ics format

• Store and share documents and favorites, and synchronize your favorites to make them available on any computer where you use Windows Live.

• Create a blog (and post to it with Windows Live Writer).

• Manage the contacts list shared by Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail.

• Plan events, create guest lists, and issue invitations .

• Create a shared meeting space for your team, club, or business organization .

• Transmit a calendar, e-mail, news, and other alerts from Windows Live to your mobile phone

• Set up a Microsoft Office Live workspace, where you can collaborate on documents created in Microsoft Office .

• Enjoy social networking with selected peers, and receive periodic updates about what members of your network are doing.

The list of services is large and growing. You can find a current overview at allservices.aspx.

Figure 7-9 shows a portion of a Windows Live home page. The page reports the current date and weather conditions, items of immediate interest in your calendar, the state of your e-mail inbox, and the latest news about members of your network. The menu across the top of the window makes a right turn when you click the drop-down arrow beside More.

Figure 7-9 The Windows Live home page summarizes important information about your inbox and calendar. Click More to expand the menu at the top of the window.

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