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Figure 3-1 shows the home page of Windows Help And Support. You can get there by choosing Help And Support on the right side of the Start menu. Or, more simply, hold down the Windows key and press F1 . (If you have configured your Start menu not to include the Help And Support item and you forget the Windows key+F1 shortcut, open the Start menu, and type help in the search box. Help And Support will appear either at or near the top of the search results .)


@ Windows Help and Support

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Enter a few words in the search box above.

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■ How to get started with your computer

■ Learn about Windows Basics

■ Browse Help topics

More on the Windows website m

Check out the Windows website, which has more information, downloads, and ideas for getting the most out of your Windows 7 PC.

More support options

Figure 3-1 The Help And Support home page has austere navigation and search tools, along with links to a variety of resources . Many computer manufacturers add their own links and content to this page

The toolbar at the top of each help window includes only a few buttons, as shown in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 Help Toolbar Buttons

The browser-style Forward and Back buttons enable retracing your steps through the help system

The Help And Support Home button returns you to the home page .

The Print button prints the currently displayed topic

The Browse Help button displays your current location within the table of contents, from which you can navigate up or down the hierarchy to a topic of interest.

The Ask button leads to a page with links to other help resources, including places where you can ask for help (such as Windows communities or newsgroups) and places where you can look for more help on your own (such as the Windows website). The More Support Options link that appears at the bottom of each help window leads to this same topic

The Options button opens a short menu of commands, two of which duplicate the function of toolbar buttons Other commands let you adjust the size of text displayed in the help window and find a word or phrase within the currently displayed page.

Options T

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