Using Scripts Wisely

Scripts are snippets of code, written in a scripting language such as JavaScript or VBScript, that run on the client computer (that is, your computer, not the web provider's) to enhance the functionality of a webpage. These should be distinguished from Active Server Pages (webpages with the extension . asp or . aspx), which employ a server-side scripting technology and don't, by themselves, represent a security hazard.

Scripts are generally harmless and are widely used in modern web design . However, security experts sometimes advise users to disable active scripting as a security measure . If you decide to take this extreme step, be prepared for some of your favorite websites to stop working properly

If you're still determined to disable scripting, follow these steps:

1. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.

2. On the Security tab, click the Internet icon and then click Custom Level.

3. In the Settings list, locate Active Scripting (under the Scripting heading) and click Disable .

4. Click OK to save your settings, and then click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box

To permit scripts to run on specific sites after disabling them globally, you'll have to add the sites—manually, one at a time—to the Trusted Sites zone . If globally disabling scripts and enabling them site by site is too extreme but you're still concerned about security risks from scripts, consider choosing Prompt instead of Disable in the Settings list.

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