Using Resource Monitor

Like the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager, Resource Monitor gives you both instantaneous and recent-history readouts of key performance metrics. Also like Windows Task Manager, Resource Monitor can show you, in excruciating detail, what each process is doing. An early version of this utility debuted in Windows Vista, and in the previous edition of this book we criticized several aspects of its design and operation. Someone at Microsoft must have read that chapter, because every one of those concerns has been addressed in this upgrade. The version of Resource Monitor in Windows 7 is extremely usable and packed with enough information to keep you busy for hours or days.

To open Resource Monitor, click its shortcut on the All Programs menu (under Accessories, System Tools). Or just type resource in the Start menu search box and click the shortcut that appears at the top of the list. (In either case, you'll need administrative credentials.) Or take the direct route: type perfmon /res at a command prompt.

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