Using Ratings

Every music track in your library has a star rating, assigned on a scale of 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest). Auto ratings are assigned by default and appear in the Rating column with a soft blue tint over the stars . Ratings you assign explicitly appear in gold. By default, all new tracks are auto-rated at 3 stars; tracks in WMA format that are listed in the Windows Media database are auto-rated using values from that source. When you first play a track, its auto rating increases to 4 stars . (The rating goes up only if you play all the way through a track; if you click the Next button while a track is playing, Windows Media Player assumes you did so because you didn't like the selection .)

If you choose to do so, you can assign ratings to tracks, one at a time or in groups . You can adjust a rating for one or more tracks by opening an album or playlist and clicking the values under the Rating head. If the playlist is visible, you can drag it to its full width to make ratings visible for all selected tracks. In any view except Now Playing, you can select one or more tracks, right-click and choose Rate, and pick a rating from the menu. As soon as you assign a rating, Windows Media Player stops using auto rating for that track. (To completely remove a rating you've assigned, choose Unrated. In this case, the track will once again pick up a default auto rating.)

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