Using Network And Sharing Center

Many of the tasks related to configuring the hardware and software for a network, viewing network resources, setting up shared resources on your own computer, and diagnosing network problems can be managed from Network And Sharing Center, which is shown in Figure 17-1 .

Figure 17-1 Clicking one of the icons at the top of Network And Sharing Center opens your Computer folder, Network folder, or default web browser's home page .

You can open Network And Sharing Center in any of the following ways:

• In the notification area, click the Network icon and then click Open Network And Sharing Center.

• In the Start menu search box, begin typing network until Network And Sharing Center appears; click it.

. . v« Network and In... ► Network and Sharing Center t | | | Search Controt Panet

Control Panel Home

Change adapter settings

Change advanced sharing settings

View your basic network information and set up connections

CARL-PC (This computer)

View your active networks

Connect or disconnect


Home network

Access type: Internet H om eG rou p: Rea dy to create Connections: 10) Local Area Connection

See also HomeGroup Internet Options Windows Firewall

Change your networking settings

"S^k' Set up a new connection or network

Set up a wireless, broadband, dial-up, ad hoc, or VPN connection; or set up a router or access point,

^gl Connect to a network

Connect or reconnect to a wireless, wired, dial-up, or VPN network connection.

^^ Choose homegroup and sharing options

Access files and printers located on other network computers, or change sharing settings.

j^jjj Troubleshoot problems

Diagnose and repair network problems, or get troubleshooting information.

• If your Start menu includes a Network command on the right side, right-click it and then click Properties.

• In Control Panel, click Network And Internet, and then click Network And Sharing Center.

• In Windows Explorer, with the Network folder displayed, click the Network And Sharing Center button on the toolbar.

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