Using Home Group to Connect Your Computers at Home

HomeGroup is a new feature of Windows 7 that makes it easy to share resources among your computers at home. These "resources" can include printers as well as files from your documents, pictures, music, and video libraries . Gone are the days when, to print a document, you copied it to a USB flash drive and then carried it to the computer to which your printer is attached. And you no longer need to remember on which computer you stored a batch of pictures; with HomeGroup you can search a particular library or machine, or you can search across all computers in a homegroup . Files on other computers are as easily accessible as if they were on your own computer.

(Oh, and if you're confused by the capitalization of the term, you're not alone . According to Microsoft, the correct spelling is HomeGroup when describing the feature and the associated Control Panel option where you configure it; the collection of Windows 7 computers joined together this way is called a homegroup, with no capitalization. In Windows Explorer, in dialog boxes and menus, and in this book, the term might be capitalized to indicate that it is part of the name of an option )

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