Using and Customizing Internet Security Zones

Internet Explorer's security zones are key elements to browsing the web and using the internet without fear By default, all websites you visit are assigned to the Internet zone, and Internet Explorer severely restricts the action of sites in the Internet zone If you're concerned about security, you can lock down security zones even more tightly if you like

By default, Internet Explorer allows you to work with four security zones:

• The Internet zone includes all sites that are not included in any other category.

• The Local Intranet zone is for sites on your local network—typically, behind a firewall. Protected Mode is turned off by default in this zone.

• The Trusted Sites zone allows you to specify sites where you allow certain actions— such as running ActiveX controls or scripts—that you might not permit on other sites in which you have a lower degree of trust. Protected Mode is off by default in this zone.

• The Restricted Sites zone allows you to specify sites where you want to specifically disallow actions that might otherwise be permitted.

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