Use pictures from this folder

C:\Users\Public\Pictures a.

For instructions on how to create a custom playlist (or auto playlist) that can be used to define your favorites, see "Working with Playlists" on page 421 .

Both the Music strip and the Pictures + Videos strip on the Start menu offer Play Favorites options that immediately begin playing tunes or a slide show based on the criteria you previously defined. (If you use both Play Favorites options, you get a slide show with a musical background.) The Favorites-based slide show (known internally as Ambient) will also launch as a screen saver as well as when you invoke the new Play Favorites on the Start menu. The slide show features some impressive visual effects, zooming in and out, fading your photos from black and white to color as they come into focus . It's a dazzling effect, guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser if you put in the time to rate pictures first.

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