Understanding the Windows Error Reporting Process

Here is a blow-by-blow description of how Windows Error Reporting responds to a hang, crash, or Stop error:

1. Windows Error Reporting gathers the basic information (program name and version, module name and version, and so on) and either transmits this to Microsoft or requests your permission to do so, depending on how you have configured the system . You might see a dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure 23-1 .

Figure 23-1 To display the information that will be sent (with your approval), click Show Problem Details.

2. If you click Check Online For A Solution And Close The Program (or if you have configured Windows Error Reporting to check online automatically), the Microsoft server checks to see if the error has resulted from a known problem. You might see something like this:

%■ BadApp.exe


Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..

1 ---


[ Cancel ]

3. If the problem is known and a solution is available, the server sends this information to Windows Error Reporting, which displays it to you. If the problem is known but a solution is still in development, the server reports that. It might also send a request for additional information

4. If the server has requested more information, Windows Error Reporting gathers the information and requests your permission to transmit it.

5. The application that generated the error restarts if it can .

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