Types of Events

As a glance at the console tree confirms, events are recorded in one of several logs:

• Application Application events are generated by applications, including programs you install, programs that come with Windows 7, and operating system services . Program developers decide which events to record in the Application log and which to record in a program-specific log under Applications And Services Logs .

• Security Security events include logon attempts (successful and failed) and attempts to use secured resources, such as an attempt to create, modify, or delete a file .

• Setup Setup events are generated by application installations .

• System System events are generated by Windows itself and by installed features, such as device drivers. If a driver fails to load when you start a Windows session, for example, that event is recorded in the System log.

• Forwarded Events The Forwarded Events log contains events that have been gathered from other computers

• Applications And Services Logs The Applications And Services Logs folder contains logs for individual applications and services . The other logs generally record events that are systemwide in nature, whereas each log in Applications And Services Logs records the events related only to a particular program or feature.

Within the Applications And Services Logs folder resides a Microsoft\Windows folder, which contains a folder for each of many features that are part of Windows 7 . Each of these folders contains one or more logs

Even more logs appear in Applications And Services Logs when you open the View menu and click Show Analytic And Debug Logs. These additional logs are generally needed only for a hard-core troubleshooting session, so they're hidden by default. Also note that these logs do not record events by default. To use either the Analytic or Debug log, right-click it and choose Enable Logging.

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