Test Network and Internet Connections

Network And Sharing Center, available under the Network And Internet category in Control Panel, provides one-stop access to all networking settings . With most hardware, Windows 7 doesn't require any special setup to enable access to the internet and to other computers on your network. To verify that your network is functioning properly, check the graphical display at the top of Network And Sharing Center. It should resemble the one shown here. If you see a red X between your Network icon and the Internet icon, click it to start the Network Troubleshooter.

View your basic network information and set up connections

(This computer) View your active networks

Connect or disconnect


Home network

Access type: Internet HomeGroup: Joined Connections: PI Local Area Connection

This is also a good time to perform some functional tests . Can you access favorite web pages in your preferred browser? Can you open, save, and change files in shared network folders? The options elsewhere in Network And Sharing Center allow you to create, join, or leave a homegroup, tweak adapter settings, fine-tune advanced file sharing, and perform other advanced tasks that might be appropriate for your network configuration .

For details about making network connections and working in Network And Sharing Center, see Chapter 17, "Setting Up a Small Office or Home Network ." For information about sharing files across your network, see Chapter 18, "Sharing and Managing Network Resources."

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