Syncing Files from a Device to a PC

When a device is connected to Windows Media Player, you can expand its entry in the navigation pane to see its sync status and to view its contents . The Sync Status entry shows all items that have been synced to the device and, more importantly, alerts you if any items were skipped, either for lack of space or because digital media rights were not available for those tracks .

If you're using a portable flash drive to copy items from a Player library on one PC to another, first make sure you've successfully synced all items from the original PC to the device . Then connect the device to the second PC and open Windows Media Player. In the navigation pane, click a heading under that device to view its content, and then drag any or all items from the library pane to the sync list. When you do so, a Copy From Device button appears at the top of the sync list, as shown here:




0 Copyfrom device Clear list

Sync list

What's The Matter Here (LP Version) 4:51

Hey Jack Kerouac (LP Version) 3:26

Like The Weather (LP Version) 3:57

The Painted Desert (LP Version) 3:39

The Music Never Stopped - Gratefi. 6:45 Lazy Lightning Grateful Dead

Supplication ■ Grateful Dead 5:34

Click this button to begin transferring the items from the removable storage media to your Player library.

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