Storing and Sharing with Sky Drive

SkyDrive is a free online storage repository, with a current limit of 25 GB. To get there, choose More, SkyDrive on the main Windows Live menu. SkyDrive starts you off with four folders:

Documents and Favorites, the folders with padlocked icons, are initially private. Shared Favorites is set by default to be accessible to those in your network. Public is, as the name implies, open to all.

For information about using Windows Live and the SkyDrive Favorites folder to synchronize your Internet Explorer favorites, see "Synchronizing Web Favorites with Windows Live" on page 363.

Use the Create Folder and Add Files commands to perform those essential tasks . To edit the permissions for any folder other than Public or Shared Favorites (whose permissions are fixed), click to open the folder. Then, on the new menu that appears, choose More, Edit Permissions . As Figure 7-10 shows, you can select check boxes to share with everyone or members of your network, or you can enter e-mail addresses or make selections from your contact list. If you specify a particular person in the Individuals section of the page, that person's name appears explicitly, along with a check box You can clear the check box at any time to withdraw permission . Permissions are read-only by default, but you can use the drop-down list to allow full control.

Figure 7-10 If you use an e-mail address or your contact list to extend permissions to an individual, that person's name appears with a check box.

SkyDrive offers to notify by e-mail anyone with whom you share a folder.

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