Specifying Volume Capacity

To begin, right-click anywhere in the rectangle marked Unallocated and choose New Simple Volume from the shortcut menu. The New Simple Volume wizard appears. Click Next to get past the welcome page . On the Specify Volume Size page, you'll be shown the maximum and minimum amounts of space you can devote to the new volume:

New Simple Volume Wizard

Choose a volume size that is between the maximum and minimum sizes.

Maximum disk space in MB: 238473

Minimum disk space in MB: 8

Simple volume size in MB: EKEEM] p-j|

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The wizard doesn't give you the option of designating volume space as a percentage of unallocated space, so if your goal is to create two or more volumes of equal size, you might

Ln want to do a bit of arithmetic before going on . Here, for example, if you wanted to split the disk into two equal partitions, you might enter 119236 in the Simple Volume Size In MB box.

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