Sorting and Grouping Events

By default, events are sorted chronologically, with the most recent located at the top of the list. You can change the sort order by opening the View menu, clicking Sort By, and then clicking the name of the column you want to sort on . More simply, click a column heading. To revert to the default order, click View, Remove Sorting.

More powerful than sorting is the ability to group events . Grouping not only sorts the event list by the selected column, but it places them under group headings that can be collapsed or expanded, making it easier to find and focus on events of interest. Figure 23-12 shows an example.

Figure 23-12 The Application log here is grouped by Source.

To group events in the currently displayed log or custom view, open the View menu, click Group By, and then click the name of the column you want to group by. (Note that Date And Time actually groups by date only.) To find your way more quickly to a group of interest, open the View menu and click Collapse All Groups. To revert to the standard, ungrouped event list, click View, Remove Grouping Of Events.

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