Shrinking a Volume

Provided space is available, you can shrink an NTFS-formatted volume to make more space available for other volumes . To do this, right-click the volume in either the tabular or graphical pane, and choose Shrink Volume from the shortcut menu. Disk Management responds by analyzing the disk, and then reports the amount of shrinkage possible in a dialog box like the one shown next

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Enter the number of megabytes by which you want to reduce your volume, and then click Shrink. Disk Management defragments the disk, moving all its data to a contiguous block, and then performs the shrink.

Be aware that page files and volume shadow copy files cannot be moved during the defragmentation process . This means that you might not have as much room to shrink as you would like. Microsoft also advises that the amount by which you can shrink a volume is "transient" and depends on what is happening on the volume at the time. In other words, if you are trying to eliminate, say, 10 GB from the volume and Disk Management can manage only 7, take the 7 and then try for more later.

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