Sharing Devices with Windows

Provided the Virtual Windows PC integration features are enabled (as they are, by default), storage devices, including flash drives and other external media, are automatically shared between the virtual environment and Windows 7 . Other kinds of USB 2 devices can be used in both environments, but you have to attach them in Windows XP Mode to use them there, then release them to make them available to Windows 7 .

To use an unshared USB device in Windows XP Mode, follow these steps:

1. Attach and turn on the device .

2. On the Windows Virtual PC USB menu, choose Attach devicename. Windows XP will install a driver if one hasn't already been installed

To release the device, making it available to Windows 7, open the USB menu again and choose Release devicename. When a Windows XP Mode program is running in seamless mode, you'll find the Manage USB Devices option on the Jump List for the program button on the taskbar

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