Setting the Home Pages

If you're like many users, one of the first things you want to do as you get started with a new browser is set the home page to your liking. Proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to whatever site you want to serve as your home page.

2. Click the down arrow beside the Home Page button on the Command bar (or press Alt+M), and choose Add Or Change Home Page.

3. Select an option in the dialog box that appears (the third option appears only if you have more than one tab open):

Add or Change Home Page


Would you like to use the Following as your home page?

http: Ifwww. msn. com/

© Use this webpage as your only home page

© Add this webpage to your home page tabs

© Use the current tab set as your home page

1 Ves ||


As a tabbed browser, Internet Explorer allows you to define multiple home pages, each of which loads in its own tab when you open a new browser session . You can create a multitab home page manually, by entering the addresses for all pages (each on its own line) in the box at the top of the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box. More simply, open only the page or pages you want to use, and then choose the third option in the dialog box just shown . Be careful, though; if you add too many tabs to your home page list, you can make Internet Explorer slower to start.

To remove one or more pages from your current home page list, open the Home Page menu, click Remove, and select from the fly-out list of currently assigned pages .

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