Setting Default Programs

The first item on this menu, Set Your Default Programs, approaches the issue of associations from the standpoint of particular vital applications . You undoubtedly have a good many other applications in addition to these (and you might not have all of these), but the programs listed here are all capable of handling multiple file types and protocols. This list gives you a way to assign programs to all the items they can handle—should you choose to do that. (You can also assign programs to a subset of their possible associations .)

To illustrate how this works, we'll select Windows Live Mail in the dialog box shown in Figure 5-11 .

Figure 5-11 The Set Your Default Programs dialog box lets you approach associations from the standpoint of certain vital applications—such as your web browser(s) and e-mail client(s).

As Figure 5-12 shows, the dialog box responds by indicating that Windows Live Mail currently is the default program for one of the file types or protocols it is capable of handling.

To see which defaults Windows Live Mail currently "owns" (and modify particular ones if you want), click Choose Defaults For This Program . The dialog box then lists file extensions and protocols that are possibilities for Windows Live Mail. (See Figure 5-13.)

If you wanted to make Windows Live Mail the default program for other extensions or protocols, you could select the check boxes associated with these protocols and then click Save . To make Windows Live Mail the default for everything, you could select the Select All check box and click Save. Alternatively, return to the dialog box shown in Figure 5-12 and click Set This Program As Default.

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Figure 5-12 In this example, Windows Live Mail is set as the default handler for one of the four protocols it is capable of handling .
Figure 5-13 Windows Live Mail "owns" the .eml extension; the rest of the file types and protocols that Windows Live Mail is capable of handling belong to Microsoft Office Outlook.

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