Sending Messages

To begin an instant messaging conversation with a contact who is online, right-click the contact's name and choose Send An Instant Message. A new window will appear. Type your part of the conversation in the bottom line of the window:

Hotmail has a new way to see what's up with your friends.

Note that this chat window includes its own menu. Clicking Photos or Files here allows you to share pictures with or transfer documents to your contact. Clicking Video activates your webcam and invites your contact to receive video during the conversation (the contact will have the opportunity to accept or decline). Clicking Invite lets you bring other parties into the conversation. The Games and Activities menus offer additional modes of interaction .

If your contact is not online or not available when you want to communicate, you can send an oxymoronically named offline instant message. Your recipient will see your message when he or she logs back in . Alternatively, you can right-click the person's name and choose Send E-Mail. Or you can right-click the name, choose Enter A Mobile Number, supply the number, and transmit a text message.

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