Selecting Sounds for Events

To specify the sounds that Windows plays as it goes through its paces, right-click the desktop, choose Personalize from the shortcut menu, and then click Sounds . In the Sound dialog box (shown below), you can select a predefined collection of beeps, gurgles, and chirps that Windows plays in response to various system and application events . Simply choose an item in the Sound Scheme list


Playback | Recording | Sounds | Communications]_

A sound theme is a set of sounds applied to events in Windows and programs. You can select an existing scheme or save one you have modified.

Sound Scheme:

To change sounds, click a program event in the following list and then select a sound to apply. You can save the changes as a new sound scheme. Program Events: [il Windows


Close Program Critical Battery Alarm

<] Critical Stop

Default Beep_

Play Windows Startup sound



► Test

[ Browse... ]

In the same dialog box, you can customize the sound schemes . To see what sounds are currently mapped to events, scroll through the Program Events list. If an event has a sound associated with it, its name is preceded by a speaker icon, and you can click Test to hear it.

To switch to a different sound, scroll through the Sounds list or click Browse The list displays .wav files in %Windir%\Media, but any .wav file is eligible. To silence an event, select (None), the item at the top of the Sounds list.

If you rearrange the mapping of sounds to events, consider saving the new arrangement as a sound scheme . (Click Save As and supply a name.) That way, you can experiment further and still return to the saved configuration .

The Sound dialog box is also the place to silence the Windows Startup sound. Perhaps you've had this experience: You arrive a moment or two late for a meeting or class, discreetly turn on your computer at the end of the table or back of the room, and then cringe as your speakers trumpet your arrival. True, the Windows Startup sound is less raucous in Windows 7 than it was in Windows XP. But it's still a recognizable item, apt to cause annoyance in libraries, classrooms, concert halls, and other hushed venues . You can't substitute your own tune, but you can turn the startup sound off. In the Sound dialog box, clear the Play Windows Startup Sound check box.

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