Selecting a Power Plan

Power management in Windows l is significantly different from power management in Windows XP, both in its user interface and in its under-the-hood operation . Windows provides three predefined power plans, and some computer manufacturers include additional predefined plans. To select a power plan, open Power Options (in the Start menu search box, type power and click Power Options), shown in Figure 4-1l .

jk y^7)^" Hardware and Sound ► PowerOptions

Control Panel Home

Require a password on wakeup

Choose what the power buttons do

Choose what closing the lid does

Create a power plan

J^ Choose when to turn off the display

% Change when the computer sleeps

See also Personalization Windows Mobility Center

Select a power plan

Power plans can help you maximize your computer's performance or conserve energy. Make a plan active by selecting it; or choose a plan and customize it by changing its power settings. Tell me more about power plans

Plans shown on the battery meter

© Balanced (recommended) Change plan settings

Automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware.

@ High performance

Favors performance, but may use more energy.

Sh ow additional pla ns

Change plan settings

Screen brightness: O

Figure 4-17 Use the Create A Power Plan link in the left pane to add to the list of ready-made power schemes. Click Change Plan Settings to adjust individual options for a plan .

On a portable computer, there's an easier way to switch plans: click the Power icon in the notification area and make your selection.

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