Searching Nonindexed Locations

As we mentioned previously, when you search a folder that isn't included in the search index, Windows does a (relatively) slow grep search of the folder's contents. An information bar, similar to the one shown in Figure 9-8, appears to warn you that the search is likely to be slow. You can click the information bar to add your current search target to the index manually. (But don't do this until you've read "Which Files and Folders Are in the Index?" on page 309.) Be aware that just adding the folder to the index won't make the search any quicker until the system has had time to update the index.

► Search Results in Driver... ►

Organize ▼ Save search

is - J ®

Searches might be slow in non-

ndexed locations: D:\DriverStore. Click to add to index...

l^T Favorites

No items match your search.

Libraries |H| Documents fj My Documents ¿J Public Documents !□[) Downloads $ Music g Pictures (□3 School 0 Videos

Search again i Libraries 01 Custom..

Homegroup Computer ¡^Internet jp] File Contents


qÇ Computer


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