Searching for Item Properties

You can search on the basis of any property recognized by the file system . (The list of available properties for files is identical to the ones we discuss in "Arranging Data in Windows Explorer" on page 289.) To see the whole list of available properties, right-click any column heading in Windows Explorer and choose More from the shortcut menu. The Choose Details list that appears enumerates the available properties .

When you enter text in the search box, Windows searches file names, all properties, and indexed content, returning items where it finds a match with that value. That often generates more search results than you want. To find all documents of which Jean is the author, omitting documents that include the word Jean in their file names or content, you would type author:jean in the search box. (To eliminate documents authored by Jeanne, Jeannette, or Jeanelle, add an equals sign and enclose jean in quotation marks: author:="jean".)

When searching on the basis of dates, you can use long or short forms, as you please . For example, the search values modified:6/15/10 and modified:06/15/2010 are equivalent.

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