Running the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

If Startup Repair is unable to get your system running again, and if neither System Restore nor System Image Recovery has returned your computer to a condition of reliable health, consider the possibility that your computer has failing memory. To test this hypothesis, click Windows Memory Diagnostic on the Startup Recovery Options menu. Windows Memory Diagnostic asks whether you want to restart immediately and check for problems (the recommended option) or check instead on your next startup . Because you're having trouble getting to that next startup, you presumably want the first option .

While the diagnostic program is running, you will see status messages on your screen . These will give you some idea how much longer the tests have to run and whether errors have been found. You can press F1 at any time to get to an options screen . Here you can

choose between Basic, Standard, and Extended tests as well as select various other testing parameters . One of these parameters controls the number of test passes the tool will iO

make. If you don't mind letting the tests run a long time—for example, overnight—select a number higher than the default 2. When you have configured the tests to your satisfaction, press F10 to continue.

Your system will restart—if it can—when the testing is complete. The results will be displayed when you log on.

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