Running MMC Consoles

MMC consoles have, by default, the extension msc, and msc files are associated by default with MMC Thus, you can run any MMC console by double-clicking its file name in a Windows Explorer window or by entering the file name at a command prompt. Windows 7 includes several predefined consoles; the most commonly used ones, described in Table 22-1, can be easily found by typing their name in the Start menu search box.

Table 22-1 Useful Predefined Consoles

Console Name

(File Name) Description

Computer Management Includes the functionality of the Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, (Compmgmt.msc) Shared Folders, Local Users And Groups, Reliability And

Performance Monitor, Device Manager, Disk Management, Services, and WMI Control snap-ins, providing control over a wide range of computer tasks.

Device Manager Uses the Device Manager snap-in to enable administration of

(Devmgmt.msc) all attached hardware devices and their drivers. See Chapter 24

for more information

Event Viewer Uses the Event Viewer snap-in to display all types of logged

(Eventvwr.msc) information. "Digging Deeper with Event Viewer" on page 825 for details

Performance Monitor Uses the Performance Monitor snap-in to provide a set of (Perfmon .msc) monitoring tools far superior to Performance Monitor in earlier

Windows versions . See Chapter 20 for details .

Console Name

(File Name)


Services (Services msc)

Uses the Services snap-in to manage services in Windows. For

details, see "Managing Services" on page 790.

Task Scheduler

Uses the Task Scheduler snap-in for managing tasks that run


automatically. For details, see "Using the Windows 7 Task

Scheduler" on page 779

Windows Firewall With

Uses the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security snap-in to

Advanced Security

configure rules and make other firewall settings . For details,

(Wf msc)

see "Advanced Tools for Managing Windows Firewall" on page


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