Restricting User Control of Your Console

In the Console Mode list on the Console tab of the Options dialog box (choose File, Options), you can select among MMC's three User modes. In any of these modes, users can't add or remove snap-ins, modify taskpad views, or make other changes to the console . The difference among the modes is how much of the console tree they're able to see and whether they can open new windows .

• User Mode—Full Access Users have full access to the console tree and can open new windows, using either the New Window From Here or Window, New Window command (Changes to the window arrangement can't be saved in User mode, however )

• User Mode—Limited Access, Multiple Window Users have access only to parts of the console tree that are visible. (For example, if you create a hierarchically organized console, open a new window from a node below the console root, and then close the console root window before saving, users will be unable to reach the console root and other nodes at or above the level at which the new window was opened .) Users can open new windows with the New Window From Here command, but the New Window command (which would provide access to the console root) does not appear on the Window menu.

User Mode—Limited Access, Single Window In this most restrictive mode, users have access only to parts of the console tree that are visible . MMC operates in singlewindow mode, essentially losing its MDI character; users can't open new document windows, nor can they resize the single document window.

If you choose one of the three User modes, the two check boxes at the bottom of the Options dialog box become available . Your choices are as follows:

• Do Not Save Changes To This Console With this check box cleared (its default), MMC saves the state of your application automatically when a user closes it. The user's selection in the console tree, for example, is preserved from one use to the next. If you always want your users to see the same thing each time they run the console, select this check box.

• Allow The User To Customize Views This check box, selected by default, keeps the Customize View command available, allowing your users, for example, to hide or display the console tree. Clear the check box if you want to deny users access to this option

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