Remove Folders for Music

Clear the check boxes for the folders you want to remove from the library:

v \\HPSERVER2\Music ^ C:\Users\Ed Bott\Music ✓ C:\Users\Pubiic\Miisic

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Figure 14-1 Media Center libraries reflect the contents of your Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries.

At any time after you complete this initial setup, you can customize your Media Center configuration using a list of additional options on the Settings menu. To display this menu, use either of the following techniques:

• Using the Media Center remote control, press the green button to go to the Start menu, and then select Settings from the Tasks strip (if you are currently viewing music, pictures, or other content, press More Info on the remote control and choose Settings from the shortcut menu).

• Using the mouse and keyboard, click the green button in the upper left corner of the Media Center window to go to the Start page. (If the green button isn't visible, click anywhere within the Media Center window and move the mouse to make it appear.) Then use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move through the main menu options; press Left Arrow when you reach Tasks to select Settings, and then press Spacebar or Enter

You'll find an assortment of useful options on the General menu, where you can adjust the Media Center settings shown in Table 14-1 .

Table 14-1 Media Center General Options

Menu Choice Available Options

Startup And Windows Behavior

Tweak the behavior of the Media Center window, including whether it starts automatically with Windows.

Visual And Sound Effects

Choose a color scheme, set a background color to fill the screen when the video signal uses less than the full screen (black, white, or a shade of gray), and enable or disable transition effects and sounds for menu actions .

Windows Media Center Setup

Configure your internet connection, speakers, TV signal, and TV or monitor. The Run Setup Again choice resets all Media Center options and allows you to start fresh .

Parental Controls

Lock out access to programs based on TV or movie ratings; access is controlled by a 4-digit PIN you select.

Automatic Download Options

Control whether and when Media Center retrieves album art and other information from the internet. The Download Now option forces the program guide to refresh immediately


Select the single check box here to specify a time, once per day, when Windows will restart the Ehshell. exe process (the Media Center shell). This restart doesn't happen if you're watching or listening to content or if the recorder is busy.

About Windows Media Center

Display the Media Center version number and the terms of service for the online program guide.


Read the privacy statement, and adjust some privacy settings that affect internet connections and the TV program guide.

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