Recovering Lost Damaged and Deleted Files and Folders

It takes only a fraction of a second to wipe out a week's worth of work. You might accidentally delete a folder full of files or, worse, overwrite an entire group of files with changes that can't be undone. Whatever the cause of your misfortune is, Windows 7 includes tools that offer hope of recovery. If a file is simply lost, try searching for it using the tools described in Chapter 9, "Using Windows Search ." For accidental deletions, your first stop should be the Recycle Bin, a Windows institution since 1995. If you don't find what you're looking for in the Recycle Bin, your next recourse is a considerably more powerful recovery tool called Previous Versions. We explain how to use both features in this section .

What's in Your Edition?


Your very best hedge against losing important files is a recent backup . For detailed information about the Windows 7 Backup program, see Chapter 11, "Backup, Restore, and Recovery"

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