Recovering from a Crash

Windows 7 provides a full assortment of troubleshooting and repair options. The circumstances and severity of the problem usually dictate which tool is most appropriate. In this section, we cover two broad categories of recovery tools:

• Advanced Boot Options If you press F8 while your system is starting up, Windows 7 displays a menu of diagnostic startup options . The most important of these is Safe Mode, which lets Windows start with only its most essential drivers and services . After you have started in Safe Mode, you can start and stop services, uninstall programs or drivers that might be causing problems, and run System Restore to return your system to an earlier, more stable, state.

• Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) The Windows Recovery Environment provides a set of system recovery features in a small-footprint version of Windows. Even if you can't start your system in Safe Mode, you can use the Windows Recovery Environment to repair damaged system files, run System Restore, run memory diagnostics, restore a Complete PC Backup image, or perform diagnostic and recovery operations at a command prompt. The Windows Recovery Environment is a replacement for the Recovery Console in Windows XP.

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