Recording and Watching TV

For playing music, videos, and DVDs and viewing pictures, Media Center provides an alternative interface to Windows Media Player, but its feature set is essentially the same What makes Media Center really shine is its unique ability to play back live TV, record individual TV shows or series, and allow you to manage a collection of recorded programs from a comfy chair with nothing more than a remote control

Before you can begin recording TV, you need to have the right hardware. The most important ingredient, of course, is a TV tuner. Tuners can be internal cards or external devices (typically connected through a USB port). After installing a tuner, you next have to provide a television signal (from an over-the-air antenna, a cable TV connection, or a satellite converter box). You'll need a Media Center remote control and its infrared receiver (which can be built into the computer or attached to a USB port on the PC). And you'll need disk space, lots of it.

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