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From the Media Center Start menu, you can jump directly to any of four libraries: music, pictures, videos, and movies . The basic layout of each library is simple, with minor variations to account for the different ways you're likely to browse or play different types of content. Figure 14-4 shows the Music library, which is probably the most complex of the bunch .

Figure 14-4 The basic layout of every Media Center library includes these elements. Use the bar above the gallery to filter or sort.

Here's a quick guided tour of these basic navigation elements:

• The library title appears in the upper right corner. If you're browsing through the Picture or Video library, the current folder name appears here.

• In the center of the display is the gallery, which lists the content you're currently browsing. Use the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through the gallery. Depending on how you've filtered and sorted the current contents, you might be able to view large or small thumbnails or switch to a list view that packs more information (albeit with less graphic pizzazz) into the visible portion of the gallery. Press More Info to change views using the menu shown next.


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