Pausing or Canceling Commands

You can pause or cancel a command that you enter at the command prompt as the command is running. (Keep this in mind if you accidentally request a directory of all the files— or worse, enter a command to delete all the files—on a huge network server drive!)

To pause the output of a command, press Ctrl + S or the Pause key. To resume output, press any key

If you have enabled QuickEdit mode for your Command Prompt window (see "Setting Other Options" on page 973), simply click in the window to pause command output. To resume output, right-click in the window.

To cancel a command, press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Break. With either key, your command is canceled, and the command prompt returns . Be aware, though, that any action (such as deleting files) that occurs before you cancel the command is done—and cannot be undone.

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