Part B Digital Media

Chapter 12 Playing and Organizing Digital Media Files 407

Which File Formats and Codecs Does Windows 7 Support? 408

Using Windows Media Player 412

Playing Music 416

Watching Videos and DVDs 417

Customizing the Navigation Pane 419

Working with Playlists 421

Ripping CDs 426

Choosing an Audio Format and Bit Rate 428

Deciding How to Name Your Files and Where to Store Them 432

Managing Your Media Library 434

Using Ratings 434

Managing Metadata and Album Art 435

Working with (and Around) Digital Rights Management 438

Chapter 13 Sharing and Syncing Digital Media 441

Sharing Digital Media over a Network 442

Sharing Media Libraries 444

Streaming Digital Media to Other PCs or Devices 446

Remote Streaming over the Internet 449

Synchronizing Digital Media with Portable Devices 450

Manual or Automatic Sync? 451

Customizing Sync Settings 453

Syncing Files from a Device to a PC 455

Burning Music and Other Media to CDs and DVDs 456

Creating and Sharing Picture and Video DVDs 459

Chapter 14 Using Windows Media Center 463

Setting Up and Customizing Media Center 464

Mastering the Media Center Interface 469

Navigating and Entering Text with a Remote Control 472

Using Media Center with a Mouse or Keyboard 474

Playing Music, Pictures, Videos, and Movies 476

Using Ratings and Playing Favorites 479

CDs, DVDs, and Devices 481

Accessing Shared Libraries 482

Recording and Watching TV 482

Setting Up One or More TV Tuners 483

Recording TV Programs and Series 485

Watching and Managing Recorded TV 489

Connecting and Using a Media Center Extender 490

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