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Figure 9-8 This dialog box provides an unequivocal warning that searching the full contents will be slower than usual .

The search engine's initial pass in an unindexed location goes blazingly fast, because it looks only at file names and basic properties (Date Modified and Size). Look carefully at the Search Again In box along the bottom of the window and you'll see a File Contents option asking if you would like to search properties (such as tags) and the contents of files that include a property handler and filter. Click this option and watch the green progress bar move slowly across the address bar (depending on the number of files that need to be cracked open and inspected, this can take a very long time).

If you're willing to put up with occasionally slow searches, you can change this default. To do so, open the Folder Options dialog box, click the Search tab, and click Always Search File Names And Contents under the What To Search heading.

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