Other Startup Options

Six additional choices on the Advanced Boot Options menu are of use in specialized circumstances:

• Enable Boot Logging When you select this option, Windows starts up normally and creates a log file that lists the names and status of all drivers loaded into memory.

To view the contents of this file, look for Ntbtlog.txt in the %SystemRoot% folder. If your system is hanging because of a faulty driver, the last entry in this log file might identify the culprit.

• Enable Low-Resolution Video This option starts the computer in 640 by 480 resolution using the current video driver. Use this option to recover from video problems that are caused not by a faulty driver but by incorrect settings, such as an improper resolution or refresh rate .

• Directory Services Restore Mode This option is used only with domain controllers running a server edition of Windows. Ignore it.

• Debugging Mode This choice starts Windows in kernel debug mode. To take advantage of this capability, you must connect the system to another computer using a serial connection on COM2 . The other computer must run a compatible debugger to perform troubleshooting and system analysis .

• Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure Use this option if you're getting a Stop error (a blue-screen crash) every time you start Windows and the operating system is configured to restart automatically after a crash. Under these circumstances your computer will continually reboot, crash, and reboot. To break the cycle, turn the machine off. Then press F8 during startup and choose Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure .

• Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Use this option if Windows is refusing to start because of an unsigned driver. Windows will start normally, not in Safe Mode.

Advanced Boot Options also includes a Repair Your Computer command, which starts the Windows Recovery Environment. We discuss the Windows Recovery Environment next.

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