Obtaining a Windows Live ID

At the end of the download and install process, the Windows Live installer will ask if you have a Windows Live ID:

If you happen already to have a Windows Live Hotmail account, you already have a Windows Live ID—it's your Hotmail e-mail address. If you don't already have a Windows Live ID, you'll need one to take full advantage of the Windows Live programs and services . (You can use Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery, with reduced functionality, without a Windows Live ID, but the programs will annoy you with repeated signup entreaties .) If you need a Windows Live ID, click Sign Up . Otherwise, click Close.

Figure 7-2 shows part of the form you'll see if you click Sign Up . Note that you can use any valid e-mail address as your Windows Live ID. Alternatively, you can use an available name with either the hotmail. com or live . com domain; by doing that, you'll be acquiring a Hotmail e-mail address as well as a Windows Live ID. The rest of the signup form will ask demographic questions . Some of the information you supply will be used to tailor the Windows Live home page (it will show the current temperature in your Zip code, for example), but if you're concerned about the potential for less benign uses, you can click the link to read Microsoft's privacy policy.

Figure 7-2 You can use an existing e-mail address as your Windows Live ID, or you can use any unclaimed name with either the hotmail.com or live.com domain .

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