Running more than one antivirus program can cause problems because the programs compete with each other to process each bit of information that passes through the computer. For this reason, Action Center doesn't allow you to turn on an antivirus program until all others have been turned off Antispyware programs, on the other hand, generally don't have such conflicts, so you can safely run multiple programs if you really feel the need to do so

In Windows 7 (unlike earlier versions of Windows), Windows Firewall can coexist with third-party firewall programs. Windows now defines firewall categories (such as port filtering and IPsec filtering); different firewalls can handle different categories, letting you use the best tool for each task. A properly written third-party firewall can take ownership of a category and Windows Firewall no longer protects that category, even when Windows Firewall is turned on. If the third-party firewall is stopped or removed, however, and no other firewalls are registered for the category, Windows Firewall takes

If you don't want to be bothered with alerts from Action Center about one or more security features, click Change Action Center Settings . After clearing items you don't want monitored in the dialog box shown in Figure 15-4, you won't receive any further alerts, and thereafter Action Center passively indicates the status as Currently Not Monitored .

For more information about Action Center, see "Introducing Action Center" on page 739.

Figure 15-4 You can selectively disable and enable Action Center monitoring here, or you can manage monitored items individually by clicking links in the main Action Center window.

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