Some games are not recognized by Windows as games . Therefore, they're not affected by settings you make in the game controls section of Parental Controls, nor do they appear in the list of games that you can explicitly block or allow. To control use of these games, use the general program-blocking capabilities of Parental Controls, as described in the following section .

By default, Parental Controls uses the game rating system established by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which has been widely adopted by publishers of games sold in the United States . To use a different rating system, return to the main Parental Controls page. (See Figure 16-9 earlier in this chapter.) In the left pane, click Game Rating Systems.

Blocking Programs

To control which programs your child is allowed to run, in the User Controls window (shown in Figure 16-10), click Allow And Block Specific Programs . The Application Restrictions window, shown in Figure 16-12, lists the executable files for programs installed on your computer, grouped by storage location (folder).

. vl £ « User Controls ► Application Restrictions

Search Control Panel

Which programs can Kelly use?

© Kelly can use all programs @ Kelly can only use the programs I allow

Check the programs that can be used:_

File Description

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ink — O M3 ConvertInkStore.exe Microsoft Tablet PC Component O*^ FlickLearningWizard.exe Flicks Training n InkWatson.exe Handwriting Recognition Error Re...

□ ElnputP ersonalization.exe Input Personalization Server 0 ¡^¿j mip.exe Math Input Panel Accessory

□ 13 pipanel.exe Microsoft Tablet PC Component D ^ ShapeCollector.exe Personalize Handwriting Recognit... EN TabTip.exe Tablet PC Input Panel Accessory

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\MSInfo — O % msinfo32.exe System Information

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Live

□ IZIWLLog inProsy.exe WLLoginPro>y.exe

Product Name

Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft® Microsoft®

Windows® Windows® Windows® Windows® Windows® Windows® Windows® Windows®

Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy. Operating Sy.

Microsoft® Windows® Operating Sy...

Microsoft® Windows Live Login Help.,,

Figure 16-12 Blocking programs through Parental Controls does not remove them from the child's Start menu; it just prevents their use .

If you want to restrict your child's use to just a handful of programs, you can easily do so here . Conversely, if you want to give free rein except for a handful of programs (for example, you might want to prevent the use of your personal finance program so that your financial records aren't inadvertently compromised), click Check All—and then clear the check box by the programs you want to block.

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