These instructions describe the process in Windows 7 specifically, although the process is nearly identical on computers running Windows Vista or Windows XP. For computers running other operating systems, the process of configuring a wireless network connection varies; see the operating system documentation or the documentation for the wireless network adapter for more information.

Connecting to a Network Without WPS or a USB Flash Drive

Using a router's WPS button or having configuration settings on a UFD (as described in the previous sections) makes it dead simple to add a computer to a wireless network. However, these options aren't always available. This might be the case if you're visiting someone else's WLAN, if you didn't create a UFD when you configured your wireless network, or if the UFD is simply not available

Click the notification area's Network icon, click a network, and click Connect to display a dialog box like the one shown earlier in Figure 17-5 . Enter the security key that was created when configuring the router to join the network .

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