As a security precaution, accounts that use a blank password cannot be used to make a remote connection. V_

3. If you want to change which users can connect remotely, click Select Users . The Remote Desktop Users dialog box appears .

• To add a user to the Remote Desktop Users group, click Add. Then type the user's name in the Select Users dialog box that appears (or click Advanced, Find Now to select names from a list). You can type the name of any local user account or, if your computer is in a domain, any domain user account. You can add multiple users by separating each user name with a semicolon .

• To delete a user from the Remote Desktop Users group, select the user's name in the Remote Desktop Users dialog box and click Remove .

That's all you need to do to set up the remote computer. Windows configures rules for Remote Desktop in Windows Firewall when Remote Desktop is enabled, allowing connection requests on port 3389 to be received from any IP address.

If your connection has to pass through a router to get to your computer, be sure you take the additional steps outlined earlier in "Configuring a Router for Remote Desktop" on page 651. If you have replaced Windows Firewall with a third-party software firewall, you need to configure it to allow incoming access to TCP port 3389

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