The disk space usage rules for system protection in Windows 7 represent a significant change over those in place for Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you upgrade a PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7, Windows does not adjust the maximum disk space settings previously in place. Thus, for an upgrade, you might discover that a given drive has reserved as much as 30 percent of your free disk space for volume snapshots . In that case, you might want to manually lower the reserved space, using the steps in this section

To adjust the maximum amount of disk space available for volume snapshots, click the System Protection tab in the System Properties dialog box, select a drive letter from the list of available drives, click Configure, and move the Max Usage slider to the value you prefer. For drives greater than 64 GB in size, you can choose any value between 1 percent and 100 percent; for drives that are smaller than 64 GB, the minimum reserved space is 300 MB.

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