Previous versions of Windows Media Player included a feature called Advanced Tag Editor, which provided a rich editor for viewing and changing all metadata associated with a music track. This feature is not included in Windows Media Player 12. To edit metadata that isn't visible in Windows Media Player, use Windows Explorer or a third-party program

While you're editing, you can move from column to column by pressing Tab or Shift+Tab, and move from row to row by pressing the Up Arrow or Down Arrow.

If you want to change the Contributing Artist or Composer information for a group of tracks or an entire album, select all of the rows first. (Click the first entry and then Shift+click the last entry, or press Ctrl+A to select all items in the currently visible list.) Then right-click and choose Edit. Move to the column you want to edit by pressing Tab or Shift+Tab, make the edit in one row, and then press Enter to duplicate the edit to the entire column

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